Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette

I’ve been so busy for the past week, I didn’t have time to do any creative looks (I didn’t even feel like wearing makeup most days to be honest). Seriously, how do people with full time jobs manage to put out new blog content so regularly? 

I had a 25% off coupon for a local drugstore, so I decided to browse the shelves a bit. I didn’t really need anything – well, at least not until I saw this enchanting palette on the Deborah stand.


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Pink Party Dress

I went shopping in Austria last week, mainly to look for a new sofa in IKEA, but naturally I ended up in a shopping centre after that. I didn’t find the right sofa, but I did come back with a few great future holiday inspired beauty products. As I can’t wait for Christmas season (not even ashamed), I had to try out the sparkliest one from the haul right away – the Maybelline Color Show nail polish in “Pink Party Dress”.

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Essence-ial Eyeshadow Palettes

As much as I love dramatic makeup, my heart beats for neutral colours. They’re easy to wear, always flattering, and actually quite exciting with all the different undertones.

When Essence came out with new eyeshadow palettes in their latest product update a while ago, I fell in love with them straight away. Two especially caught my eye – All About Nudes and All About Bronze. As if I didn’t have enough similar shadows in my collection already, these went home with me pretty much the moment they hit the shelves. They’ve been on my makeup menu nearly every day since then, and have proven to be great picks for my Autumn looks.

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A Golden Haul

I’m surprised how many new brands we have gotten here in Slovenia recently. The selection is still quite limited compared to other countries, but it seems we’re at least getting somewhere!
Golden Rose, a Turkish brand, is one of the new arrivals, and I was naturally attracted to their counters because of a massive selection of nail polishes and other items at affordable prices. (Sounds like I’m advertising for them, but honestly I’m just all about the low cost as I’m on a tight budget but still NEED NEW THINGS of course.)

I picked up a few products and I’m very happy with what I got! It being Autumn, I went with the season-appropriate colours.

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Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Face Brush 121 Skin

If you follow makeup updates regularly, you may have noticed a new type of brushes becoming more and more popular: the “toothbrush” foundation brushes.

Ok, they’s not officially named liked that, but the similarity is definitely there. They aren’t a new concept, in fact they are quite the vintage item. MAC also released a set a couple of years ago, but they have slipped under the radar a bit, and Besame Cosmetics have a bigger one that almost looks like a hair brush. But now they’re coming out in all shapes and sizes by different companies (Artis have the biggest and fanciest selection) but the one that first caught my attention was this offering from Etude House.


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IsaDora Build-Up Extra Volume Waterproof Mascara

I used to wear regular mascara on a daily basis ever since I started doing makeup. For some reason I avoided all waterproof versions, thinking they would be too harsh on my lashes and too stubborn to remove at the end of the day (I admit, I’m lazy and don’t like fussing with cotton pads). However, in the past couple of years my lashes turned out to be the stubborn ones – they never wanted to stay curled after I coated them with my regular mascaras like before. They would just drop right down and make all my efforts with the curler go to waste.

I happened to get a sample of the IsaDora waterproof mascara when I purchased their pressed powder – and I’ve been hooked ever since I first tried it.

IsaDora 1

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