Metal Shock

I’ve never been too interested in liquid forms of eyeshadow as I find powder to be the easiest to work with. However, Essence has come out with a few new eye-catching tubes of liquid metals called Metal Shock and – as always – the sparkle was too strong to resist.

I used to have a similar product from Kiko which I had bought years ago, but never quite knew how to wear it. There weren’t as many creative ways to use sparkle on a daily basis as there are today. With modern techniques, I find this liquid eyeshadow quite versatile, so I’ve come up with three ways to wear it.


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First I must say a few words regarding my absence in December, it was such a busy month and left me with no time for makeup. I finally have a proper day off today, so I have to make the most of it and spend it creatively.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. I dressed up, but then didn’t feel like going anywhere, so I ended up spending the last day of the year watching fireworks alone from my bed. Which actually suited me perfectly. I had a chance to think about my life and how much I’ve changed for the better. ūüôā

As I loved my outfit that day, I decided to take it as inspiration for some eye and lip art to start the year with.


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Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette

I’ve been so busy for the past week, I didn’t have time to do any creative looks (I didn’t even feel like wearing makeup most days to be honest). Seriously, how do people with full time jobs manage to put out new blog content so regularly?¬†

I had a 25% off coupon for a local drugstore, so I decided to browse the shelves a bit. I didn’t really¬†need anything – well, at least not until I saw this enchanting palette on the Deborah stand.


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Picking Peonies

Not that you could tell what my hair was like before as I always wore wigs, but today’s post is inspired by my new hair colour. Here’s the story: about a month ago I went to the hairdresser’s after 10 years because I needed a bigger change in life and¬†naturally, my¬†hair was the first to volunteer.¬†I wanted to be a blonde to get a break from the medium brown I’d had for over a year.¬†BUT … It didn’t work. It should have been an easy job since I even stopped dyeing it about six months ago. I have no idea what happened, but the hairdresser really messed¬†up. We’d talked about doing a balayage with a seamless transition from a dark blonde at the roots to lighter ends, but the end result was just … Let’s just say I could have done a better job myself with my eyes closed.
I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore, so last week I threw on a bright magenta as a temporary solution. It bleeds everywhere so I’m still not entirely happy *sigh* but I do love the actual colour. I¬†thought it would be a fun idea to¬†emphasize it with matching makeup using red and pink eyeshadow – something I never wore before, but today¬†I’ve definitely realized I need to use more often.

FB pink 2_2

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The Three Wine Fairies (Collaboration with Taya – My Little Beauty World and Adjusting Beauty)

Today’s post is a collaboration with two creative bloggers, Tatjana from¬†Taya – My Little Beauty World and Petra from¬†Adjusting Beauty. Like many other European countries, Slovenia is celebrating St. Martin’s Day, the day must turns to wine. We decided to take this tradition and turn it into makeup looks, transforming ourselves into three magical wine fairies.


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