Welcome to my blog!

My name is Vesna, but online I usually go by my nickname Cheeks. (I love chunky cheeks, the chunkier the better!) I’ve always loved everything relating to beauty and appearance – from skincare and makeup to fashion and style. I’ve worked as a makeup artist both freelance and for companies, focusing mainly on natural, but still defined and glamorous looks.

I’ve been thinking of blogging about my interests for years, but have only gathered the courage to start in late 2015. I love to write, mostly about my life and personal views of the world, and I like sharing my knowledge and experience within my profession and the products I use. I’ve had a go at makeup articles for web portals and magazines before, but now I want to try bringing them into a blog form where I can combine my artistic makeup creations, my daily looks, and especially my newfound passion for product photography.

I hope you find something inspiring here!

For any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to send me an email 😊