Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette

I’ve been so busy for the past week, I didn’t have time to do any creative looks (I didn’t even feel like wearing makeup most days to be honest). Seriously, how do people with full time jobs manage to put out new blog content so regularly? 

I had a 25% off coupon for a local drugstore, so I decided to browse the shelves a bit. I didn’t really need anything – well, at least not until I saw this enchanting palette on the Deborah stand.


I’ve said it before, I have many neutral eyeshadows in my collection. I love them, but they’re not all of equal quality, so I can never resist an improved formula of a colour I might already own.
As soon as I touched the surface of these shadows, I knew I had to buy it. The texture is so wonderful and such high quality, buttery and smooth with a brilliant colour payoff. I already loved their previous palettes (Secrets of the Smokey Eye) but I think these new ones are even better.

It comes in a sturdy rounded pan with a clear lid. I usually prefer straight lines and rectangle shapes, but I actually find this design quite appealing and it stands out from the others. It’s very ergonomical and comfortable to keep in your palm if you tend to do your makeup standing and have to hold it during application. The individual colours create a nice pattern as they’re placed close together in a curved, playful way.


There are 5 different eyeshadows, and I really appreciate that they actually look different, even when blended out. With other palettes I own, sometimes there are two colours that look nothing alike in the pan but turn out the same on the eyes which is disappointing.

Another aspect I love is that while these might be in the neutral range, I still find them quite unique because of their undertones. I’m very particular about those, they need to be just right; probably why I’m always searching for that “perfect” hue. These come in a mix of warm and cool hues, but in such a way that they still compliment each other.


From left to right, we have a highlighting shade in a very pale, almost white champagne colour, a medium warm golden taupe, a true copper, a dark greenish taupe, and a rose gold. They all have a fine shimmer finish that feels very luxurious and gives that beautiful, expensive-looking glow.


Because they are so creamy and saturated, they are very easy to blend so it takes me less time to do my eyes. Compared to the Essence palettes I reviewed recently, these are a level up in terms of quality and colour complexity. I still love Essence, and they might look similar on first glance, but if you’re an advanced makeup user with a sharp eye, you will notice a difference. The only shade that leaves a little more to be desired is the first one, but I find that to be the case with most white based shadows I own.

I’ve been using it nearly every day since I got it. Here’s one of my favourite looks I did, a light smokey eye with bright gold accents. With primer, it lasted all day on me with almost no fading. The fallout during application was minimal.



The palette I picked up is in the colour 01. There are 7 other palettes, ranging from pinks, purples, reds, blues, greens, greys, and browns. I’m impressed how great the selection is for a drugstore brand, there’s something for everyone. One costs around 10 € which, I have to say, I thought was verging on a bit too much at first since I’m so used to the Essence and Catrice price range, but after trying it out I definitely think it was worth it.

Thank you for reading! 😊


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sara Bűrmen says:

    prečudovit make up, senčke so prekrasne!!


    1. Cheeks says:

      Hvala! So postale ene izmed mojih najljubših. 🙂


  2. Love the brown smoky eye look!


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