Essence-ial Eyeshadow Palettes

As much as I love dramatic makeup, my heart beats for neutral colours. They’re easy to wear, always flattering, and actually quite exciting with all the different undertones.

When Essence came out with new eyeshadow palettes in their latest product update a while ago, I fell in love with them straight away. Two especially caught my eye – All About Nudes and All About Bronze. As if I didn’t have enough similar shadows in my collection already, these went home with me pretty much the moment they hit the shelves. They’ve been on my makeup menu nearly every day since then, and have proven to be great picks for my Autumn looks.


I wasn’t much of a fan of Essence eyeshadows before now to be honest; they never seemed to deliver, neither with colour selection nor with packaging, but they definitely stepped up their game in designing these.


The packaging is simple, but very sleek and sturdy. The clear plastic case features 8 different eyeshadows in rectangular pans, a feature I love because I appreciate minimalistic designs that allow me to quickly see the colours without having to open the lid. This lid has the palette name printed on in silver letters, which looks great when it’s brand new, but over time it unfortunately starts to scratch off.


The texture is what really impressed me here. They are buttery soft, something usually found in higher end brands, and they all have great pigmentation. While the last one on the bottom right is a glittery metallic, the finish is mostly a satin matte, a favourite of mine because it’s easy to blend and looks the most natural when I want to define my eyes. There is slight fallout when working with some darker colours, but very little and definitely no more than with any other eyeshadow I own.

The colour selection is perfect for my skin tone. The Nudes has a wide range from white to dark brown: the top row offers neutral browns, while the bottom has a grey undertone. I love that it includes two transition tones (for my pale skin, at least), something I have a hard time finding otherwise, and two highlight shades that work great on the browbone as they’re not too stark.


The Bronze palette doesn’t look too different on first glance, and I actually wasn’t too sure if I even needed it at first, but I’m glad I decided to take it with me in the end. It’s warmer and more metallic than the Nudes, but equally wearable.


The texture is the same as in the Nudes, if not even softer due to the metallic nature of the shadows. The finish feels very luxurious to me, it’s leaning towards a wet look, without any annoying sparkle; it just gives off a beautiful sheen when the light hits it.


The golden colours really brighten up the eye. The top row has a rose golden tint to it, while the bottom has a yellow golden tone. All the colours go well together, though, as the cool/warm undertones are more on the subtle side, so mixing and matching them works for a variety of shiny, glamorous looks.


I always wear an eye primer (NARS Pro Prime) and they last through the day on my lids, occasionally I noticed minimal fading, but nothing that would bother me too much.

Each palette costs around 4€ which is very reasonable considering the quality.

I’m also lusting after the remaining three palettes in the collection: All About Vintage, All About Roses, and All About Greys. With such an affordable price tag, I just might have to give in to temptation at some point …

Thank you for reading! 😊


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  1. Sara Bűrmen says:

    O wow, obe sta videti super! Odtenki so kot naročeni zame, ker obožujem nevtralne, bakrene, zlate, zemeljske tene ipd.. imam pa tudi jaz že kar nekaj takih paletk (ne od Essence, ker zgleda so se nam zamerile iz prejšnjih let), ampak vseeno, morda pa me zamika!


    1. Cheeks says:

      Jaz jih imam ogromno, ampak jih imam tudi zelo rada, tako da se nikoli ne morem upreti novim. 😀 Pri teh mi je bilo všeč, ker so zelo uporabne barve skupaj; prid kakšni drugi vedno najdem eno barvo, ki je ne uporabljam.


  2. Tamara says:

    Tudi jaz nisem bila fanica njihovih senčk in ne paletk, do.. sedaj v bistvu. Imam Roses paletko in je TOP.


    1. Cheeks says:

      O, še eno priporočilo za Roses, bo morala res z menoj domov naslednjič, ko grem na šoping 😇


  3. Ne morem verjeti kako kvalitetna senčila je naredil Essence. Jaz tudi prej nisem bila fan njihovi senčil, ampak te so neverjetne za to ceno. Jaz imam Roses in so mi odtenki zelo všeč. Izgledajo precej vijolični, na očeh pa so rjavi z vijoličnimi podtoni. Zelo nosljivi. Nude in Bronze bi imela obe, ampak imam preveč takih odtenkov. Mogoče me še premaga skušnjava :). Zelo lepe fotografije ;).


    1. Cheeks says:

      Hvala! ☺️ A ne, res jim je perfektno uspelo. Prej vem, da so senčila le izgledala kolikor toliko lepo v embalaži, potem pa skoraj nobene barve niso dala od sebe, samo bleščice so ostale več ali manj na koži. Tele pa delujejo veliko dražje, kot dejansko so. Mene tudi Roses zelo mika, najbrž si jo bom kar privoščila, če praviš, da niso pretirano roza, ker takšnih odtenkov še nimam. 😊


  4. I really like that Nudes palette. I may have to pick it up. Great review. I have most of the Catrice palettes, but not the Essence ones. Thanks for the recommendation.


    1. Cheeks says:

      No problem, I’m glad you found it useful! The Catrice palettes are a hint darker I believe, but I much prefer the texture of the Essence ones as they have less shimmer. I’m sure you’ll love them! ☺️

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