Poison Ivy

I was inspired by Taya from My Little Beauty World for this look. She’s doing a Halloween series, and the moment I saw her Poison Ivy, I started getting ideas. Being a huge Batman fan, it was only natural to make my own version of my favourite female villain.

IMG_4829I didn’t have any small green plants laying around, but I still wanted to incorporate something 3D into my makeup, so I made these paper cutouts to represent leaves. I love how they turned out!



To give the cutouts some contrast, I blended the two eyeshadows well to give a softer effect, but still making a statement with strong pigments and triangular shapes.



I added some black eyeliner to blend the eyelashes better, then extended it towards my temples and connected it with my eyebrows to give a bit more shape and definition.


For the lipstick, I tried to create a colour that would be the perfect match for the hair. I mixed three different lipsticks together, and now I wish this was a colour I could buy …



I loved wearing this look. I don’t even like parties, but I still wish I had a Halloween party to go to. And I’m happy it photographed so well! Sometimes makeup disappears in photos, but here it really stands out.


What I found quite disappointing, though, was when I had to take it all off, and I ended up feeling so…basic afterwards. 😬

Products used:

Vichy Dermablend Foundation (15 Opal)
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NC15)
ELF HD Powder (Yellow)

Sleek Ultra Matte V1 (Green)
Stargazer Velvet Eyeshadow (Deep Red)
Revlon Grow Luscious Eyeliner (004 Emerald)
Bottega Verde Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Born Pretty Store eyelashes

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (08 Grand Cru)
Golden Rose Lipstick (70)
Guerlain KissKiss Fabulous Rouge (531)


Thank you for looking! 😊


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamara says:

    Oooo, hudo dobra!!


  2. Čudovito :). Zelo kreativne obrvi. Rdeči lasje ti odlično pašejo ;).


    1. Cheeks says:

      Hvala! Sem imela že zares takšne pred dobrim letom, jih kar pogrešam včasih 😄


  3. Mateja says:

    NORO! Res super look in sem vesela, da sem odkrila tvoj blog. 🙂


    1. Cheeks says:

      Hvala, to je pa res lepo slišat! ☺️


  4. Anna says:

    Wauu Prekrasen look!


  5. Katja says:

    Uau, čisto nora! 🙂


  6. Taya says:

    Omg, I like yours even better. ❤ Hudo. Ful mi je všeč. Se mi zdi, da je tvoja lasulja dosti bolj primerna za Poison Ivy kot moja. 😀


    1. Cheeks says:

      Vsak po svoje je dober! Moja izgleda malo bolj zlobna od tvoje. 😄


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