Light in the Darkness

If I haven’t mentioned it enough yet – I love gold. Everything looks better in gold. It’s such a luxurious finish, it exudes both power and warmth at the same time.
What I love even more is the combination of gold and black. They couldn’t compliment each other any better, one with complete lack of light and perspective, and the other with nothing but reflective hues and dimension.

I often use a toned down version of this combination in my daily eye makeup, but this time I went all out and did a very artistic, statement look.







The motivation behind this idea is a box of gold leaf I bought the other day for my paintings. For the eyes, I painted a thick coat of black gel eyeliner on as a base with a rough artist’s brush to give that texture, then applied the gold leaf with eyelash glue and added some gold glitter for depth. I followed a similar technique for the lips, except I drew the lip edges with a thin, precise brush.

The mandalas were made by playing around with the lip photo in my editing program, and I feel like they compliment the other photos very well! They add a sense of mystery, which is what I was going for with these images.

Thank you for reading! 😊


12 thoughts on “Light in the Darkness

  1. oh I love the way you put the eyeliner on, could you post a pic of the brush you used? I dig this but I can’t ever accomplish such effect myself 😦

  2. Sem že na Instagramu občudovala tale look. Res čudovito, čisto navdušena. Tako kot Petra tudi jaz komaj čakam, da vidim naslednje kreacije. 😀

  3. Šele pred kratkim sem našla tvoj blog in občudujem tvoje makeup skills, zato moram vprašat, če je to hobi ali si po poklicu vizažistka? Se že veselim nadalnjih objav in inspiracij :).

    Tale look je fantastičen. Jaz prav tako obožujem zlato :).

    • Ful hvala! Lepo slišat od nekoga s prav tako odličnimi makeup skills ☺️ Leta nazaj sem sicer naredila tečaj, tako da sem vizažistka, ampak se trenutno ne ukvarjam redno s tem, je bolj priložnostno delo. Te bolj statement looke delam predvsem za hobi.

      Še enkrat hvala, se bom potrudila, da bo še naprej zanimivo 🙂

  4. This is so cool! I love the black and gold combination as well. I also definitely get the sense of mystery that you mentioned 🙂 lovely job!

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