A Golden Haul

I’m surprised how many new brands we have gotten here in Slovenia recently. The selection is still quite limited compared to other countries, but it seems we’re at least getting somewhere!
Golden Rose, a Turkish brand, is one of the new arrivals, and I was naturally attracted to their counters because of a massive selection of nail polishes and other items at affordable prices. (Sounds like I’m advertising for them, but honestly I’m just all about the low cost as I’m on a tight budget but still NEED NEW THINGS of course.)

I picked up a few products and I’m very happy with what I got! It being Autumn, I went with the season-appropriate colours.


What first caught my attention was the Terracotta Eyeshadow in the shade 120. I know I have many, many brown eyeshadows already, but as with anything, I’m always looking for that perfect one. This one seems to be pretty close! It comes packaged in a gold box that reflects different colours of the rainbow depending on the angle (like a CD, or soap bubbles).


The eyeshadow is a dome shape, typical of baked products. It is housed in a golden plastic packaging with a clear lid so you can see the colour well; it looks nice, but I do have huge issues with opening it, sometimes it feels like it’s stuck and it takes forever to open. But the eyeshadow itself is magic, it’s very soft and pigmented, almost like loose mineral shadows which I love so much. It also blends seamlessly. The brown has a warm chocolate hue, and is enriched with gold and copper shimmer that makes it look so luxurious.


The next thing that grabbed my eye was this Eyebrow Powder. It is housed in a black box with a shiny monogram print, and includes a tiny slanted brush for application.


The powder pan lays in a black plastic packaging with a clear lid. They have a few other shades (all seemed extremely useful when I swatched them), but I went for this lightest one in 102 because I saw a different purpose for it – the colour turns out to be perfect for contouring for pale skins. It has a great balance of beige and ashy tones, and a matte finish that mimics the appearance of natural shadows. I’m planning a post on contoring for light complexions with my favourite products, and I’ll be including this one if you’re interested on finding out more.


Next we have two lipsticks from two different ranges. The first one is in the shade 28, a dark matte purple. Purple is my favourite colour (besides gold, of course) and it’s always hard to find a good lipstick in this particular shade – they’re either too pink, too red, too light, or too sheer. This one is spot on. I will admit it’s not the easiest colour to wear because it’s so unnatural; the texture isn’t the easiest to work with either as it’s a very dry matte that accentuates dry patches. I knew that before buying but still went with it, I’m not going to wear it every day so I can afford to spend a little more time on application.

It comes in a burgundy tube, something a bit different than usual; it reminds me of some Essence lipsticks, they have a similar tube design.


The second lipstick in the shade 70 is a dark red with a strong purple undertone. Sometimes such colours can look a bit too dark and lose some of their redness, but not his one; neither does it lean towards brown like most others I own. I find it perfect for Fall. It’s an opaque cream formula, it leaves a natural sheen and is not nearly as drying as the purple one. It wears very comfortably on my lips and lasts a good amount of time, especially as a stain. It does settle into some fine lines, but most darks do that on me.


The packaging is a shiny gold box with a monogram print, and the lipstick tube is black and gold. It’s very light, feels almost weightless when you pick it up.

Both lipsticks smell like real roses, I love it because I have nothing like it in my collection (most companies seem to go for a vanilla scent).


Here it is on my lips, looking all sultry:


I also swatched everything on my hand to show off the colours better, don’t they look just grand together? 💜


Last are two nail polishes. I can’t believe I only picked two, they seriously have the biggest selection of colours and finishes, and I liked most of them. With such a low price point I will have to go back for more!

The one I fell in love with right away is this dark rose one in the shade 105. It looks a bit brighter in the photo, but in real life it’s a very muted colour, the kind that’s really modern at the moment.


The second one in the shade 30 was suggested by my mom, surprisingly. Again, it looks slightly brighter here because of the camera, but it’s a lovely berry medium red that livens up the complexion but still works with the Autumn shade palette. It’s the perfect red for me, best one I’ve ever tried.

I won’t comment on their lasting power as literally no nail polish lasts more than two days on me (most go strong for a single day only and then start to chip on the second), no matter the cost or brand. I have very soft, bendy nails, so I’ve always had this problem. I just go for inexpensive polishes and change colours more often.


I need to mention one last thing, and that is how much I enjoyed taking these photos. I’m so proud of how they turned out! And I’m saying all this because I had been neglecting my talent so much. As a teenager I was taking photos all the time, but then as I was growing up, slowly my camera started gathering more and more dust as I just wasn’t happy with anything I photographed. I became such a perfectionist, I started believing that what I was doing would never be good enough, so what would have been the point of even trying? I’m still like that, actually; always so afraid of failing and not being perfect. But I’m beginning to realize that this mindset is wrong. It’s been keeping my creativity trapped and never gets me anywhere. Now I’m really trying to change, and that’s one of the reasons I created this blog. Knowing I have to post something on a (semi-)regular basis keeps me going. And in the process I’ve discovered just how much passion I have for product styling and product photography, yes it can be frustrating without the right equipment BUT it’s also so much fun and so rewarding when things do turn out great in the end. I will do my best to continue along this path.

Thank you for reading! 😊


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  1. monika-Sugarlove blog says:

    Preeeeeeeekrasne fotke, že čisto božiiičneeee, čist hude so in res ful lepe in vsebina na njej, komi čakam, da grem do GR trgovine, lahko bi kakšno npr. odprli v celju, da bi bila malce bližje. Ta metalik senčka je tako hudo pigmentirana. Vuhuuu neki zame, jst bi obvezno sprobala kakšno mat, glede na to, da sam to nosim zadnje 3-4 mesece.Drgače pa meni tale color expert sicer v nežni rozkasti barvi itak, da ne morem VERJET drži na nohtih že drugi dan in to brez base in top coat podlag (sem v fazi testiranja). Pri kakih druhih lakcih(essence, catrice npr.) mi že isti dan se kje kj odkruši.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheeks says:

      Uh, hvala za tak lep komentar! ☺️Božično okrasje je moje najljubše, ga že težko pričakujem!
      Morda pa še odprejo trgovino tudi tam čez čas, ko znamka postane bolj popularna. Sama sem zaenkrat samo metalik senčke preizkusila, ker sem v nasprotju s tabo ravno v fazi navdušenja nad svetlečimi 😁 Tale odtenek je res super, pa tudi tako lepo kremasto teksturo ima. Glede lakov je pa mene tudi Color Expert presenetil, ker mi je cela dva dni zdržal, to je že praktično čudež na mojih rokah, haha! Bom mogla vsekakor še po kakšno barvo v trgovino.


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