Shaping the Future

A while ago I entered a competition on Maybelline Slovenia’s Facebook page. The challenge was to use the imgination and create a futuristic look. When I think of the future, I always think of statement shapes with clean lines, and silver and purple when it comes to fashion and makeup, so I went with the later as I conveniently had a purple wig laying around …


I had a rough idea what I wanted to do – geometric shapes with sharp edges. I started with a graphic eyeliner, and then came up with the other elements as I went along. The eyebrows were supposed to be ombre at first, but as I drew on the separate colours, I realized they looked too cool to be blended together! Similar story for the lips, I wanted to accentuate the bottom lip – but as I did one half, I found out the asymmetry actually made for an interesting shape on its own!

I wish I had more photos of this look, but sadly these two were the only one that came out right, purple is so difficult to photograph.


Thank you for reading! 😊


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mina says:

    Super objava! Dobre ideje. Se veselim prihajajočih!:D


    1. Cheeks says:

      Najlepša hvala! ❤️


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