Poor Unfortunate Souls

With so many creative Halloween makeup looks on blogs and Instagram, I feel like I just have to contribute, even though the holiday isn’t officially celebrated here. There are, however, more and more Halloween inspired parties appearing every year. I’m not one for parties, but sometimes I wish I was, just so I could wear makeup somewhere other than around my apartment after taking photos on my own. 🙊

Today’s look was inspired by Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I wouldn’t say she was one of my favourite Disney characters, but  I definitely loved her theatrical personality and, from an artistic point of view, her purple and black colour scheme. I actually started out with a different vision for the makeup, but the postman rang and I had to quickly wash it all off to get the package (they never come when you’re lazing around doing absolutely nothing, do they). But I wasn’t too bothered by that, I didn’t entirely like what I had come up with anyway, so I would have started over regardless. I decided on a different approach where I kept the main colour palette, but didn’t follow the original Disney design, making it all more abstract to the point it doesn’t say “Ursula” right away. (A facebook friend commented I reminded her of Cruella.) It turned out very “drag”, which I guess makes sense since Ursula’s appearance was based on a drag performer … Either way, I’m happy with the outcome!


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Essence-ial Eyeshadow Palettes

As much as I love dramatic makeup, my heart beats for neutral colours. They’re easy to wear, always flattering, and actually quite exciting with all the different undertones.

When Essence came out with new eyeshadow palettes in their latest product update a while ago, I fell in love with them straight away. Two especially caught my eye – All About Nudes and All About Bronze. As if I didn’t have enough similar shadows in my collection already, these went home with me pretty much the moment they hit the shelves. They’ve been on my makeup menu nearly every day since then, and have proven to be great picks for my Autumn looks.

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Light in the Darkness

If I haven’t mentioned it enough yet – I love gold. Everything looks better in gold. It’s such a luxurious finish, it exudes both power and warmth at the same time.
What I love even more is the combination of gold and black. They couldn’t compliment each other any better, one with complete lack of light and perspective, and the other with nothing but reflective hues and dimension.

I often use a toned down version of this combination in my daily eye makeup, but this time I went all out and did a very artistic, statement look.


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A Golden Haul

I’m surprised how many new brands we have gotten here in Slovenia recently. The selection is still quite limited compared to other countries, but it seems we’re at least getting somewhere!
Golden Rose, a Turkish brand, is one of the new arrivals, and I was naturally attracted to their counters because of a massive selection of nail polishes and other items at affordable prices. (Sounds like I’m advertising for them, but honestly I’m just all about the low cost as I’m on a tight budget but still NEED NEW THINGS of course.)

I picked up a few products and I’m very happy with what I got! It being Autumn, I went with the season-appropriate colours.

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Shaping the Future

A while ago I entered a competition on Maybelline Slovenia’s Facebook page. The challenge was to use the imgination and create a futuristic look. When I think of the future, I always think of statement shapes with clean lines, and silver and purple when it comes to fashion and makeup, so I went with the later as I conveniently had a purple wig laying around …

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Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Face Brush 121 Skin

If you follow makeup updates regularly, you may have noticed a new type of brushes becoming more and more popular: the “toothbrush” foundation brushes.

Ok, they’s not officially named liked that, but the similarity is definitely there. They aren’t a new concept, in fact they are quite the vintage item. MAC also released a set a couple of years ago, but they have slipped under the radar a bit, and Besame Cosmetics have a bigger one that almost looks like a hair brush. But now they’re coming out in all shapes and sizes by different companies (Artis have the biggest and fanciest selection) but the one that first caught my attention was this offering from Etude House.


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