Ripe Plum

I’m surprised how much documenting my looks for this blog is helping with my creativity. Maybe it’s pure chance I happen to be feeling more motivated, but I’d like to think feeling slight “pressure” at the back of my mind about having to post something is the main reason.

I brushed over my love for duochrome eyeshadows in my last post, but the effect wasn’t as visible there as I’d only used a tiny amount. I wanted to do something stronger this time to properly capture the complexity of the colour shift – so I dusted on the powdered magic that is Lily Lolo Ripe Plum.

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Strawberry Tarte

I made a point of stepping out of my comfort zone with my eye looks recently, because I could easily wear the same two shades of brown day after day. Or rather month after month …

As today is the first day of Autumn, and the first brown leaves have already fallen from the trees, I decided to take some inspiration from the warm colours this season brings. I’m not talking about the browns, those have received enough love throughout the year as previously mentioned; I’m bringing out the reds and coppers. Those are colours I absolutely love on their own, but have always been intimidated by when it came down to using them on my eyes. Sure, theoretically they bring out blue and green eyes, but they can also make you look sick and tired very easily (especially if you happen to suffer from resting bitch face on occasion like me …). So I thought it was high time to put some effort into it and make them wearable!


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IsaDora Build-Up Extra Volume Waterproof Mascara

I used to wear regular mascara on a daily basis ever since I started doing makeup. For some reason I avoided all waterproof versions, thinking they would be too harsh on my lashes and too stubborn to remove at the end of the day (I admit, I’m lazy and don’t like fussing with cotton pads). However, in the past couple of years my lashes turned out to be the stubborn ones – they never wanted to stay curled after I coated them with my regular mascaras like before. They would just drop right down and make all my efforts with the curler go to waste.

I happened to get a sample of the IsaDora waterproof mascara when I purchased their pressed powder – and I’ve been hooked ever since I first tried it.

IsaDora 1

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Lady in Red

I love dramatic looks. Not for everyday life, but every once in a while when I have extra time and feel motivated, I love bringing out my theatrical supplies and transforming myself into a new character.

I bought this wig a few years ago and it’s been my favourite ever since. Combined with cabaret inspired makeup, it goes so well with my inner personality that I’m too shy to express otherwise.


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Vitamin C Serum

I’ve been hearing about vitamin C serums for years, but never paid much attention to them until this year. Not really sure why. As I was browsing the cosmetic shelves of a store some time ago, I stumbled upon a discount one. There aren’t many such serums readily available around here, so I was intrigued. Its claims about a “stable form of vitamin C” sounded promising. I looked it up, and the stable form it contained was sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a synthetic form of L-ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C 1

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