Swamp Queen

No elaborate story behind this look. I just wanted to experiment with eyeshadow and look ugly for a change.

Feeling Blue

I’ve seen quite a lot of blue eyeshadow looks lately that inspired me to create my own version as well. I decided on a dark navy smokey eye. Nothing special on its own, I didn’t even intend to make a blog post about it, but I took some photos already and figured hey, why not…

Glisten and glow

The ever more frequent sunny days prompted me to switch things up from stronger, defining matte makeup, to something soft and glowy. I have never worn this type of makeup before, but often admired it from afar. I usually tend to stay away from bronzers and highlighters and anything too “Summery” because I prefer a…


Happy holidays! I wasn’t able to post until now because I’ve had a very hard time looking at the computer screen. I’ve always been sensitive to light, but even more so now that I’m suffering from chronic fatigue. There were also quite a few times where I wanted to take photos of either a makeup…

Metal Shock

I’ve never been too interested in liquid forms of eyeshadow as I find powder to be the easiest to work with. However, Essence has come out with a few new eye-catching tubes of liquid metals called Metal Shock and – as always – the sparkle was too strong to resist. I used to have a…

Starting over

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Life flows in mysterious ways. I left this blog with no explanation – but it was not an intentional move. In short, I suddenly fell seriously ill and couldn’t continue writing any longer. It was difficult to just let it all fade away – especially since…

Happy New Year

First I must say a few words regarding my absence in December, it was such a busy month and left me with no time for makeup. I finally have a proper day off today, so I have to make the most of it and spend it creatively. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve….

Biting into Christmas

I’m not feeling very christmassy this year, but I did try to infuse some of the season’s spirit into lip art. Red and sparkly gold are a combination typical for the last month of the year.

Coloured Smoke

I was browsing through my makeup inspiration folder and came accross this stunning photo by katosu. She is one of my favourite makeup artists, she uses colour in such a sophisticated, wearable way, and the blending is always immaculate. I decided to test myself and see if I can recreate that look.