Skincare Secrets – April 2019

This will be a long post because there’s a lot to say! Skincare has become quite popular lately, but it’s actually been one of my stronger interests for many many years now. I realized the other day I’d never written anything about it yet, so I guess it’s high time!


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Summer Blues

I’ve seen quite a lot of blue eyeshadow looks lately that inspired me to create my own version as well. I decided on a dark navy smokey eye. Nothing special on its own, I didn’t even intend to make a blog post about it, but I took some photos already and figured hey, why not publish them. Neither the colour nor the style of this makeup are something I ever do on myself, so it was good practice. I mostly focused on blending because it’s an area I really want to improve in.


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Glisten and Glow

The ever more frequent sunny days prompted me to switch things up from stronger, defining matte makeup, to something soft and glowy.

I have never worn this type of makeup before, but often admired it from afar. I usually tend to stay away from bronzers and highlighters and anything too “Summery” because I prefer a more vintage approach with matte textures, but sometimes it’s beneficial to go out of your zone of familiarity and try a new style and see yourself in a different light.

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I don’t like Christmas, but I do want to share my Holiday look because it took a lot of effort and I loved how it turned out. It’s slightly different to what I usually wear, but still fits within my preferences. I decided on a mainly black and gold theme, but really, no surprise there, right?


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Metal Shock

I’ve never been too interested in liquid forms of eyeshadow as I find powder to be the easiest to work with. However, Essence has come out with a few new eye-catching tubes of liquid metals called Metal Shock and – as always – the sparkle was too strong to resist.

I used to have a similar product from Kiko which I had bought years ago, but never quite knew how to wear it. There weren’t as many creative ways to use sparkle on a daily basis as there are today. With modern techniques, I find this liquid eyeshadow quite versatile, so I’ve come up with three ways to wear it.


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Starting over


It’s been quite a while since my last post.

Life flows in mysterious ways. I left this blog with no explanation – but it was not an intentional move.

In short, I suddenly fell seriously ill and couldn’t continue writing any longer. It was difficult to just let it all fade away – especially since it had taken me about 5 years to even gather enough courage to start the blog in the first place. But there was nothing to be done as my health has just been that bad. I have a hard time talking about it because visually, there appears to be nothing wrong with me and a lot of people just won’t understand. But it’s currently a big struggle for me to get through the days. Without going into too much detail, it started with an infection I got at my job which caused a multitude of difficult autoimmune symptoms and left me severely fatigued to this day. I’m still not okay, and it’s taken a huge toll on my (already fragile) mental health as well. There are days when I simply can’t get out of bed, so I have to be very careful what I do with the energy that I do have. Makeup, unfortunately, hasn’t been on the menu very often because of that.

It’s an especially hard-to-deal-with situation because being creative was a big part of my personality, and by not being able to do anything but stare into the wall for days on end, I started losing myself. Not knowing who you are and only identifying with your illness is something I don’t wish upon anyone.

A lof of people have told me they miss my blog, which is very bitter-sweet to hear. But I started taking new meds recently which seem to be working somewhat, meaning I at least have enough energy to stay awake during the day. I still have to suffer through near daily headaches and other localized pains, but it’s the best I’m capable of functioning at the moment and that has to be enough for now. Makeup has been a difficult topic as well – I have honestly felt too ugly to put anything on even when I have enough energy to do so.

I don’t want to close this blog down. I have been thinking of starting to blog again – but without any added pressure of the number of posts I’m supposed to put out in a week. I’d like to post occasionally to keep my mind busy, and to stop fearing the process. If I can come up with something I will, otherwise I won’t. I won’t beat myself up if I’m not able to post anything for months. I need to see this as a relaxing hobby, and as a way to find myself again.

Finally, I’d like to thank anyone who still follows me – I was surprised my blog still had hits when I came back.

Thank you for reading! 😊

Happy New Year

First I must say a few words regarding my absence in December, it was such a busy month and left me with no time for makeup. I finally have a proper day off today, so I have to make the most of it and spend it creatively.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. I dressed up, but then didn’t feel like going anywhere, so I ended up spending the last day of the year watching fireworks alone from my bed. Which actually suited me perfectly. I had a chance to think about my life and how much I’ve changed for the better. 🙂

As I loved my outfit that day, I decided to take it as inspiration for some eye and lip art to start the year with.


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Deborah Perfect Smokey Eye Palette

I’ve been so busy for the past week, I didn’t have time to do any creative looks (I didn’t even feel like wearing makeup most days to be honest). Seriously, how do people with full time jobs manage to put out new blog content so regularly? 

I had a 25% off coupon for a local drugstore, so I decided to browse the shelves a bit. I didn’t really need anything – well, at least not until I saw this enchanting palette on the Deborah stand.


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